99 cent Ultimate Vegan Guide

So far on this blog we have discussed the advantages of a healthy vegan diet, but we haven’t spent much time on the basics of how exactly to go about eating a vegan diet.

99c Kindle download

Well I have just heard that Erik Marcus of vegan.com fame has released an updated 2011 edition of his popular Ultimate Vegan Guide.

Even better he has made it available as a 99 cent download for Kindle. I have downloaded my copy already!

Survival Guide

This book is a great little how to guide for people wanting to go vegan. The first 20% of the book briefly covers the health, environmental and ethical reasons to go vegan. The rest of the book is a straight forward survival guide for vegans covering basics such as getting started, nutrition, shopping, eating out and more.

Short and sweet

Each chapter is similar in length to a good blog post, which makes it a great little resource, but be aware that it is only about a third the length of some other vegan books I have read. Erik informed me that the paperback version is 172 pages.

Other reading options

If you don’t have a Kindle there are two other options available, you could pick up a paperback for $8.95 or you could read it for free on the vegan.com blog.

What are you waiting for?

With options from free to paperback there should be an option to suit everyone:

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